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The Dead of Night

By Paul A. Cagle


Alec Cason has survived vampire attacks, a hostage situation, and even the vampire council’s attempts to destroy him. Thanks to three Ancient Ones, the oldest vampires in existence, who stepped in and spoke on Alec’s behalf, the matter of his illegal creation has finally been resolved. Now, he’s one of the Unfettered, outside of vampire law and free to get his life back on track. His enemy, a very powerful vampire calling himself the Devil, has other plans and has created a weapon forbidden by vampire law. When someone close to Alec gets hurt and a friend is abducted, he realizes that the situation is spiraling quickly out of his control. Alec finds himself tested beyond anything he could have ever imagined, exploring how much he’s willing to trust those he doesn’t know and how far he’s willing to go to save himself and his friends. The plots and schemes of the Devil may break Alec, or they may reveal a hidden strength he didn’t know he had.

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